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In real estate today, having good SEO is super important for success. Most folks aged 23 to 56, who are house hunting, use the internet now. Gone are the days of relying on other ways. In 2023, about 75% of people checked out houses on their phones, as per the National Association of Realtors. Without solid SEO, and latest real estate keywords, you’re practically invisible online. That means you’re losing out on reaching many potential buyers, and that’s not good for your business. 

Understanding Keyword Difficulty and Volume

Understanding how many times people look for real estate keywords and how hard it is to rank for them in search engines is super important for getting noticed online. 

For example

If you’re selling fancy apartments in the UAE, check how often folks search for “luxury condos in Abu Dhabi” and how hard it is to be at the top in those searches. Without this info, you might waste time and money on words that aren’t searched much or are too hard to rank for.

Keyword Difficulty and Volume Range

Search volume shows how many people are looking for a keyword. Big keywords like “real estate agent near me” have more searches than specific ones like “real estate.” It’s usually good to focus on words with 100 to 100,000 searches, based on how tough the competition is in that field.

Keyword difficulty (0 to 100) shows how hard it is to rank for a keyword. Words with lots of searches usually have higher difficulty. It’s important to balance search volume and difficulty for good SEO. This helps use resources wisely for achievable ranking goals and better content visibility.

Here are the best performing real estate keywords in 2024 so far:

  1. Real estate housing market (301,000 searches, KD: 86%)
  2. Open houses near me (49,500 searches, KD: 55%)
  3. How to become a real estate agent (40,500 searches, KD: 79%)
  4. Top real estate agents (3,600 searches, KD: 78%)
  5. Real estate agents near me (22,000 searches, KD: 88%)
  6. Commercial real estate agent (6,600 searches, KD: 76%)
  7. Real estate broker near me (5,400 searches, KD: 88%)
  8. Best real estate agent near me (5,400 searches, KD: 56%)
  9. Best realtors near me (4,400 searches, KD: 62%)
  10. Best real estate agents near me (3,600 searches, KD: 56%)
  11. Difference between real estate agent and broker (1,900 searches, KD: 60%)
  12. Local real estate agents (1,300 searches, KD: 78%)
  13. Luxury real estate agent (880 searches, KD: 89%)
  14. Best realtors (590 searches, KD: 57%)
  15. Top real estate agent near me (590 searches, KD: 40%)
  16. Real estate experts (480 searches, KD: 45%)
  17. How to pick a real estate agent (390 searches, KD: 72%)
  18. Top real estate brokers (390 searches, KD: 51%)
  19. Types of real estate agents (390 searches, KD: 40%)
  20. What does open house mean (390 searches, KD: 55%)
  21. Can anyone go to an open house (320 searches, KD: 41%)
  22. Boutique real estate firms (260 searches, KD: 34%)
  23. Real estate agent services (170 searches, KD: 46%)
  24. Realtor (3.35M searches, KD: 100%)
  25. Homes for sale near me (673K searches, KD: 100%)
  26. Current mortgage rates (246K searches, KD: 100%)
  27. House for sale (165K searches, KD: 100%)
  28. First time home buyer (49.5K searches, KD: 86%)
  29. FHA loan requirements (49.5K searches, KD: 90%)
  30. Mortgage rates housing market (40.5K searches, KD: 52%)
  31. How to get a mortgage (27.1K searches, KD: 74%)
  32. First time home buyer programs (22.2K searches, KD: 83%)
  33. How to buy a house (22.2K searches, KD: 86%)
  34. New home listings near me (18.1K searches, KD: 94%)
  35. Cheap houses for sale (9.9K searches, KD: 70%)
  36. Cheap old houses (8.1K searches, KD: 81%)
  37. First time home buyers (8.1K searches, KD: 89%)
  38. Old houses for sale (5.4K searches, KD: 69%)
  39. Homes sold near me (5.4K searches, KD: 31%)
  40. How much money do you need to a buy a house (3.6K searches, KD: 62%)
  41. Steps to buy a house (3.6K searches, KD: 84%)
  42. What do you need to buy a house (2.9K searches, KD: 62%)
  43. Investment properties for sale (2.9K searches, KD: 49%)
  44. Should I buy a house now or wait (1.6K searches, KD: 56%)
  45. Local real estate (1.3K searches, KD: 55%)
  46. 3 bedroom 2 bath house for sale (1K searches, KD: 24%)
  47. Fixer upper homes for sale near me (880 searches, KD: 27%)
  48. 2 bedroom 1 bath house for sale (260 searches, KD: 13%)
  49. 3 bed 2 bath house for sale near me (210 searches, KD: 26%)
  50. Remodeled homes for sale (140 searches, KD: 23%)
  51. 2 bedroom 2 bathroom house for sale (140 searches, KD: 12%)
  52. Sell my home (6.6K, 92%)
  53. Selling a house (3.6K, 86%)
  54. Should I sell my house now (2.9K, 50%)
  55. Homes recently sold near me (3.6K, 33%)
  56. Taxes on selling a house (2.4K, 89%)
  57. Selling a house as is (1.9K, 67%)
  58. How long does it take to sell a house (1.6K, 46%)
  59. Is it a good time to sell a house (1K, 64%)
  60. How to sell a house fast (1K, 77%)
  61. Cost of selling a house (1K, 60%)
  62. Steps to selling a house (1K, 70%)
  63. How much can I sell my house for (880, 67%)
  64. Best time of year to sell a house (590, 60%)
  65. Checklist for selling a house (390, 53%)
  66. When selling a house who pays for what (390, 67%)
  67. Who pays closing costs when selling a house (320, 54%)
  68. Buying and selling a house at the same time (260, 66%)

Where to Use These Real Estate Keywords?

Web Content and Blog Articles

So when you write for your real estate web copy or blog, use relevant keywords like “waterfront properties in Dubai” naturally. Don’t just put in the words randomly but make sure they fit right into the sentence. The purpose is to share useful info. Talk about market trends, why it’s good to live in waterfront places, or give tips on picking the best waterfront home. And in between use the keyword properly.  You want to make it helpful for your readers.

Property Listings

When you’re putting houses up for sale, make sure to use keywords that really fit what the buyers are looking for. For instance, if you’re selling big family homes in the UAE, use the words “spacious family homes in UAE” in your description. Also, give details like how big the house is, what schools are close by, and what the neighborhood offers for families. People look for these kinda details when they look into property listings.

Meta Data (Description and Title)

SEO titles and meta descriptions matter for getting people to click on your website from search results. When making them, use clear and short words. For example, if your keyword is “commercial real estate in Dubai,” your title could be “Find the Best Commercial Real Estate in Dubai,” and your description should quickly mention the special perks of your listings.

Image File Name and Alt-Text

You also want to make your website better and easier to find by picking good words when describing your pictures. If you have a picture of a nice bathroom in a specific neighborhood, use words like “modern bathroom in [Neighborhood] home” for the description. Also, give your image files names that fit with the words you chose. This way, search engines can understand and show your site to more people.

Social Media Posts

Use relevant real estate keywords in your social media posts. For example, if you’re talking about “buying homes in Dubai,” include that keyword. Also, ask an interesting question or share a stat to get more interaction from your followers. Besides keywords, you must also do research on relevant hashtags and use them in your posts. They are good when it comes to making your posts viral.


Keep your real estate content fresh. Update it with current real estate keywords words that people are searching for. This makes sure your content stays useful to your audience no matter what time of year it is. Watch out for new trends, like Green Homes, and add those words to your content. This helps you stay visible in search results. And about how many times to use keywords – forget about keyword density. It’s not a thing in today’s SEO. Just don’t force keywords into your content. Keep it friendly for readers while still being good for SEO.

If you need writing or SEO help for your real estate business, reach out to Best SEO Dubai. They can help you.

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