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“The ability to take data — to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualize it, to communicate it — is going to be a hugely important skill in the next decades.”Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google.

But technology has made it all easier for businesses today. We have data analytics tools that collect data for us, find patterns, create reports, visualize them, and deliver them in a digestible format.

The most important metric for SEO professionals is the rankings of their pages or the keywords for which the pages rank. 

SEO is a long-term game, so only ranking your keywords is not enough. No, you need to be constantly vigilant about your keyword rankings to keep those top spots in search results to yourself. 

So, strap in as we explore the 10 best rank-tracking software in 2023.

10 Best Rank Tracking Software in 2023

1- AccuRanker

It is a one-stop-shop SERP rank-tracking software and analytics platform for digital marketers. It offers in-depth analytical information and helps businesses stay ahead of their competitors.


  • It has several filtering options.
  • It lets you save your chosen filters when working with your data as segments, making it easier for your whole team to get back to a particular data set.
  • You can apply your saved segments to API calls saving developers from spending time on advanced logic on the data insights. They only need to develop logic in your chosen filtering options and implement them in your API calls.
  • You can view your competitor’s edge on each page or category level in terms of indexing.
  • It tells you the length of your pages and subpages concerning the keyword count or the total search volume hinting at each page.


  • It offers a 14-day free trial without asking for your credit card information. 
  • You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan and the number of keywords ranging from 1K to 1000K. 
  • The monthly price ranges from $116 – $2492.

2- SERPWatcher by Mangools

Used by Airbnb, Adidas, and Alexa, SERP Watcher is a popular rank-tracking software. It is part of a package of SEO tools called Mangools SEO Package. It is super user-friendly, even beginners can start tracking keyword ranking within seconds.


  • It offers a performance index score that it measures according to the search term positions and forecasted search volumes of each keyword.
  • It has an intuitive interface and a quick setup process.
  • It provides the rankings of your keywords each day through an email.
  • It offers insights into redirection sources, visitor metrics, and traffic metrics from various search engines and locations.
  • If you buy its subscription, you can use its other tools — site profiler, keyword finder, and link miner, 
  • You can set the frequency of your keyword position tracking report — daily, weekly, or monthly.


  • SERPWatcher offers a free trial for 10 days. 
  • It lets you save up to 40% if you purchase one of their yearly plans.
  • Its basic subscription package is $49/month or $29.90/month if you pay yearly and gives up to 200 monitored search terms checked daily.

3- SE Ranking

It is a sophisticated SEO tool suite for SEO professionals to track their search engine optimization outcomes, complete figures of their pages’ positions, competitors’ performance, and more. 


  • It is intuitive to use.
  • It is easy to scale.
  • It features a Keyword rank tracker, on-page SEO checker, competitor analysis tool, backlink checker, and a website audit tool.
  • It’s constantly evolving and has added a new tool — a local marketing tool to its platform.
  • It shows in-depth insights into your keyword rankings with pinpoint precision on all major search engines.
  • You can monitor your competitors’ rankings and a comparative analysis of your keyword positions against theirs. 


  • It has a customizable pricing plan. 
  • The basic plan is $23.52/month.
  • It offers a week’s free trial
  • You can calculate the charges you will need to pay using their pricing calculator on the website depending on your particular requirements.
  • The price depends on elements such as rank-checking frequency, keywords, features, and subscription length.

4- Ahrefs

Ahrefs calls itself “Rank Tracker” though it offers other tools as well such as site explorer, keywords explorer, site audit, and content explorer. It delivers ranking updates for mobile and desktop, visualization of your SEO progress, and SERP features reports.


  • It enables you to monitor your keywords’ positions over time.
  • It allows you to visualize your SEO progress against your competitors.
  • It’s super easy to set up, just enter or import a list of search terms, add several countries for each keyword, and input your competitors’ links.
  • It displays keyword performance insights across several platforms including Google, Youtube, Yahoo, and Baidu.
  • It offers lots of resources to get SEO knowledge. 
  • You can get help from the Ahrefs community.


  • It offers four subscription plans — Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. The package starts from $99, and the monthly priciest plan is $999.
  • You save two months’ charges if you pay yearly.

5- Semrush

Semrush is a top-notch SEO platform that offers one of the best rank-tracking software. Developed by a search engine marketing company, Semrush promises to make online marketing easy. 


  • It has an intuitive dashboard and is ideal for newbies.
  • It offers three rank-tracking tools to track the pages’ performance on Search Engine Results Pages.
  • You can monitor any search terms, websites, and competitors on Google.
  • You can watch your SEO campaign’s performance, and identify and solve cannibalization.
  • The tool delivers the most accurate information, updated daily, which you can use to guide your targeting efforts.
  • You can monitor the volatility of SERPs according to daily changes in rankings.
  • You can input a keyword, domain, or link in its search bar, select your desired location and it will provide data insights about them.


  • It offers a week’s free trial.
  • Its pro subscription plan is — Pro ($119.95/month), Guru ($229.95 $/month), Business ( $449.95/month)
  • You need to contact their sales department to find out the charges for their enterprise price package.

6- NightWatch

It is an award-winning rank-tracking software in 2023. Big names like Shopify, Sony, Samsung,, Scotiabank, Rollbar, ChartMogul, and Coinbase trust it.


  • You can monitor search rankings from any location across the world.
  • You can find the resources of your search engine traffic and sales on all major search platforms down to the zip code level.
  • You can quickly develop segments to find decaying content, and search terms within striking distance and track your progress for transactional keywords, collection of web pages, etc.
  • The SEO platform uses the most accurate method in both local and global rank tracking.
  • You can open any Google Data Center across the world to see crucial data to conduct tests and modify to boost your positions and organic conversions.
  • You can see if your local business or site is appearing in organic and map listings when users search for you locally or globally.


  • It offers a 14-day free trial.
  • Its yearly plan starts from $32/month, which includes 500 search terms, 50 domains, and 5 competitors monitored.

7- Ranktracker

RankTracker is a one-stop-shop SEO solution that helps SEO experts find how their domain’s ranking is influenced by their SEO efforts.


  • It delivers daily keyword updates and allows keyword research and website audits.
  • It has a neat, user-friendly dashboard with straightforward filtering opinions and keyword tagging.
  • You can compare your keyword positions in SERPs against your competitors’ search rankings and find search volumes.
  • RankTracker can be used for Google, Yahoo!, Google Maps, Bing, and Yandex.
  • You can easily switch between desktop and mobile rankings.
  • It lets you track GMB (Google My Business) local search rankings.


  • It offers a week’s free trial
  • The basic subscription package charges $18/month for 100 daily monitored keywords.
  • The next plan charges $59/month for 500 search terms, infinite websites, and infinite user accounts.
  • You save up to 60% if you purchase a yearly plan.

8- Advanced Web Ranking

It is a dedicated rank-tracking software that delivers on-demand and daily ranking updates for the needs of enterprises. It allows users to check keyword positions in SERPs for local, mobile, and desktop searches.


  • You can monitor keyword positions for more than 4000 search platforms and over 170 countries.
  • Advanced Web Ranking allows you to monitor and compare search rankings with your competitor sites for your target locations on multiple devices.
  • You can get on-demand hourly keyword position updates or at specific intervals like daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • It lets you uniquely recognize the search results that are above and below the fold on desktop computers and view SERP characteristics appearing for your keywords.
  • Users can integrate it with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Ads to get extra data next to rankings.


  • It offers a 30-day free trial.
  • The basic price package is $49/month or $44/month with yearly billing. It delivers 2000 units with unlimited users, unlimited projects, and white-label reporting.
  • You can save up to 10% if you purchase a yearly plan.

9- Serpstat

It is an all-rounder SEO tool suite that helps businesses grow their organic traffic and conversions. It charges reasonable fees for a wide range of features. It offers more than 30 tools that include a keyword research tool, site auditor, backlink checker, etc.


  • You can monitor your pages’ rankings and compare them with your competitors’ rankings.
  • It offers daily, weekly, and monthly insights on the positions of your keywords in Search Engine Result Pages.
  • You can customize your rank tracking reports.
  • You can monitor the top 100 search results in any city and region of Google at no extra charge.
  • It gives you content ideas that attract traffic.
  • It helps you create an effective content plan from research.


  • You can use its basic features and get daily credits for free.
  • To get access to more features and credits, you need to purchase a subscription package that starts from $45/month.

10- SEO PowerSuite

It is an SEO software suite with all the solutions an online business requires for its campaigns. You can download it and start using its built-in tools which include website auditor, rank tracker, link assistant, and SEOSpyGlass.


  • SEO Power Suite lets you check keyword rankings without restrictions.
  • You can assess the top 10, 50, or even 1000 results, monitor local and global keyword positions, attain rankings in SERPs, or scan any other search engine ranking.
  • It is a cost-efficient and highly customizable tool.
  • You can get your keyword rankings reports on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis.
  • You can monitor search term progress on mobile and desktop devices.
  • You can see keyword positions in Google Maps listings.


  • You can purchase the full SEO Power Suite or the tools you require separately.
  • It offers 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year plans.
  • It offers a professional plan for in-house use for $299/year.
  • It offers an enterprise plan for $499/year.

Bottom Line

The digital realm is constantly evolving and businesses need a strategic approach to stay ahead of the curve. Thank you for staying with us as we discover the 10 best rank-tracking software. By embracing the power of data-driven insights, you can boost your website’s visibility, help it grow, and make a robust digital footprint.

The Keyword position flow board splits down how each search term is performing whether well or poorly in the last couple of days.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What does organic site explorer in Accu Ranker do?

It provides a visual summary of a website and its pages are indexed for keywords.

Q2. Can I see how each of my keywords has been performing in SERP Watcher by Mangools?

Yes. The keyword position flow board splits down how each search term performs, whether well or poorly, in the last couple of days.

Q3. How can I use a rank tracker?

You need to follow these steps to start using a rank tracker:

  • Choose your target search engines
  • Determine your target location
  • Specify your landing pages
  • Set up SERT history tracking
  • Add competitors’ websites 
  • Add what you need to check
  • Start checking the rankings

Q4. How can I make my website rank the highest on Google?

You need to boost your pages’ organic CTR (Click-through rates) to start ranking higher because a high CTR hints that your page is what people are searching for.

Q5. What do you mean by a search engine rank-tracking tool?

A SERP tracking tool aids marketers in monitoring their site’s ranking position for particular search terms.

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