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Link-building is one of the prominent aspects of search engine optimization. Marketers have been successfully building links to boost their authority in search engines’ eyes to move up the rankings in search results. But link-building has changed over the years and will continue to change. So, if you are interested in learning what the future of link-building holds, keep reading. We will explore link building’s future and the factors that will influence it!

The Prevalence of Artificial Intelligence in Link Building

The usage of artificial intelligence is one of the link-building trends for 2024. By using AI, SEO professionals are creating more effective and efficient campaigns that could propel better SERP positions for their clients. AI-powered link-building solutions propose a vast array of perks for brands that include:

  • Quicker outcomes
  • Enhanced precision
  • Improved efficiency 
  • High scalability 

In the coming years, we hope to see even further progress in AI-powered link-building tactics as technology keeps evolving at a fast pace. One instance might be automated keyword research that uses NLP algorithms to comprehend search intent better than ever before. It will help businesses target keywords with higher accuracy than ever before.

The Influence of Voice Search

Voice search technology, driven by virtual assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri has altered the way we engage with technology and how brands approach digital marketing. 

We now search differently as we have the option of voice search which directly affects link building. Due to the conversational tone being used in voice searches, link builders need different tactics to be successful.

Here are a few predictions for how SEOs will need to create backlinks in 2024:

  1. Concentrate on natural language queries
  2. Optimize for mobile phones which means formatting all links aptly and making them clickable for all screen sizes and gadgets
  3. Use structured data markup where required when optimizing existing content or developing new content
  4. Concentrate on developing mature backlinks related to their target audience from websites with high domain authority and relevant local sites 

The Significance of User Experience

UX is a prominent aspect of link building since it may assist in developing more relevant and natural links. Good user experiences mean that people can easily find what they are searching for, which boosts the possibility of them sharing links with others on socials or via email. It helps them create extra links that will further enhance their organic rankings over time. 

Plus, if a person has a positive experience on your website, they could be more inclined to link directly from their sites.

You could optimize for user experience to amplify rankings and attract traffic with these practices:

  • Optimize images, use caching extensions or content delivery networks and minify code to ensure your site loads quickly 
  • Create intuitive navigation menus to help visitors find what they need without having to go through several pages or search extensively 
  • Design websites for smartphones which means optimizing content for smaller screens along with making links and buttons large enough for visitors to tap on easily
  • Use internal linking strategically
  • Describe what your page is about in meta descriptions and try giving an idea of what a user will find when they open your link in titles.

The Increasing Significance of Brand Development

Digital marketers should work with businesses to foster brand awareness by optimizing content for Google while keeping it relevant for users. It includes:

  • Creating SEO-friendly and compelling headlines to attract readers
  • Crafting interesting copy that resonates with target customers
  • Incorporating related keywords throughout the content
  • Employing videos or images where needed
  • Optimizing meta descriptions and page titles for better visibility
  • Including internal links within articles so readers stay on the page longer
  • Using external links from reliable sources whenever possible

Using Social Media for Linkbuilding

SEO experts could use social media in different ways including:

  • Crafting top-notch content that is optimized for search engines and shareable on social networks 
  • Partnering with social media content creators who may share your posts
  • Taking part in related discussions in comment sections or on forums
  • Publishing frequently about subjects related to your industry
  • Running contests or campaigns which reward users to link back to you
  • Getting user-generated content by requesting followers/customers to review your product/service

The Future of Linkbuilding

Your backlink strategy for 2024 should include these aspects:

  • Concentrate on fostering bonds with authoritative sites and developing valuable content 
  • Focus on social media outreach, influencer marketing and guest blogging as they could become increasingly paramount to earning links from high-authority sources
  • Stay mindful of search engine’s algorithm updates to refine your tactics accordingly
  • Use data insights and automation technology like AI-driven link assessment tools 
  • Don’t use shady strategies to manipulate rankings and instead try to get natural backlinks by nurturing bonds with other sites and offering value to users. 


Link building will still be a pivotal aspect of SEO in 2024 and beyond, but marketers should try to adapt their strategies to the latest developments. It will help them take full advantage of emerging opportunities in the field of SEO. 

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