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Are you hunting for some excellent alternatives to Typeform to create a survey or poll? Welcome to our blog which entails the best typeform alternatives to use in 2023!

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Best Typeform Alternatives for Polls and Surveys in 2023

1. SurveyMonkey

It is among the marvellous alternatives that let companies and people collect data and feedback from their target audience. Survey Monkey is a global pioneer in survey tools and people answer 20 million questions on their software daily.

It is the best alternative to Typeform and has 17+ M active users around the globe.


  • Easy to set and use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Allows integration with MailChimp
  • Navigation-friendly


  • The structure is a little monotonous
  • Permits a couple of formats only

2. JotForm

It is among the incredible Typeform alternatives and a live form builder that lets you develop and personalize complicated forms for different use cases. It offers multiple options to create and modify forms, so it’s ideal for users who need more flexibility.


  • Tailored branding option
  • Trusted APIs
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient to design forms with Conditional Logic functionality


  • Clumsy widgets
  • Lack of the basic form feature
  • Limited integrations

3. Qwary

It is one of the pocket-friendliest and most versatile alternatives to typeform. It provides an array of capabilities and features to develop engaging surveys and gather helpful feedback from customers.


  • Convenient
  • Marvellous customer experience
  • Minimalistic and graceful UI


  • Limited integration
  • The fundamental form feature missing

4. Paperform

It is a form builder that provides a blend of performance and elegance with its convenient drag-and-drop and free-text features. It contains 650+ form templates designed by experts which makes them available to people without prior knowledge.


  • Custom form link
  • Custom HTML & CSS
  • Gpay
  • Custom domain support
  • Export submission result


  • A couple of integration issues
  • Minor performance glitch

5. Cognito Forms

It is a live form-building tool that provides an array of features, including online payments, conditional logic, and pre-built templates. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes it a smooth choice to develop forms and estimate scores. Cognito Features can be integrated with famous payment gateways such as Stripe and PayPal.


  • Design free powerful forms
  • Flexible workflows
  • could create no ads advanced forms
  • Google Analytics


  • Lack of online payment option
  • A majority of safety features are present in the Enterprise plan

6. Wufoo

It is a simple online form builder that presents users with several templates that are convenient to set up. Although it doesn’t allow users to answer one question at a time, its other features make it a powerful contestor for Typeform alternatives.


  • Convenient to use
  • Intuitive setup
  • Form building
  • Stripe integration


  • Fewer fields
  • Less design options
  • Credit card

7. AidaForm

It is a versatile alternative to Typeform that supplies different features to allow users to generate tailorable forms and landing pages swiftly. Aidaform offers several forms such as contact forms, business forms, job application forms, questionnaires, surveys and more.


  • Form languages
  • Tailored form designs
  • Aidaform branding
  • Logic jumps
  • Conversational and conventional user interface
  • Ability to tailor form links
  • Third-party integrations


  • A couple of complex features aren’t clear
  • Compels to use the tag “OPTIONAL”

8. ProProfs Survey Maker

It allows brands to develop interactive forms that gather real-time customer feedback. ProProfs Survey Maker is developed to assist users in getting helpful data about their buyers’ priorities and opinions. It is a marvellous choice for those looking for sophisticated analytics and reporting features.

Brands can create forms in just a minute on this form builder and make them match their messaging and style. It has 100k+ pre-written queries for all types of conditions and offers different colours, themes, logos and images for forms.


  • Customized with concealed fields
  • NPS
  • Accept file uploads
  • Data report
  • Offline authoring with Excel
  • Provides analytics and report


  • Lack of data analysis tool
  • Multi-channel distribution is missing
  • Absence of offline response collection

9. MightyForms

It is a user-friendly and thrift digital form builder that supplies more customization options than its rivals. It demonstrates its commitment to helping people retrieve any lost leads by requesting contact info at the start of the form. It is equipped with an Autoresponder tool which enables you to send a resume submission link to users who began completing the form but abandoned it in the middle.


  • Develop conversational forms
  • Logic rules
  • Custom URLs
  • Abandoned form recovery
  • Verified partner integrations
  • PCI-DSS certified
  • End-to-end SSL encryption


  • Don’t possess access controls and permissions
  • Couldn’t be deployed on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and Linux


Typeform isn’t the only form builder on the market. You can find many alternatives as per your preferences and needs. You need to determine what features you are looking for before choosing one form builder to create forms for your purposes.

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