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In this Digital era, where the world has made tremendous innovations in every field. The digital landscape has expanded with numerous technological developments.  Today, there are multiple alternatives for SEO surfers that can perform many additional functions. By exploring these best surfer seo alternatives, you can figure out which tool resonates with your needs and perfectly aligns with your goals and objectives.

In this blog, we will explore 9 best surfer SEO alternatives to try out in 2023. This article will cover the unique features of each of these surfer seo alternatives. If you read this blog till the end, you will get to know about the unique features and pricing of surfer seo alternatives.

9 Best Surfer SEO Alternatives to try out in 2023

1. Page Optimizer Pro

page Optimizer Pro


  • Excel bulk project submission
  • Chrome plugin
  • Advanced Google NLP analysis
  • E-A-T analysis
  • White-label PDF reports
  • Advanced content editor
  • LSI terms
  • Keywords recommendations
  • Schema optimization


Page Optimizer Pro has the following two pricing plans. The team plan is $120 per month and $1200 per year. No free trials are allowed in the team plan. The single-user plan is categorized as follows:

  • Unlimited: This plan does not include a free trial and is around $49 per month. In the yearly plan, it is around $490 per year.
  • Premium: The premium plan is $38 per month. This plan does not include free trials.
  • Basic: This plan is $27 per month and it allows a 7-day free trial.

2. Frase



  • Content scoring
  • Content Editor
  • Google search console
  • Custom templates
  • Outline builder
  • Frase AI writer
  • SERP data enrichment
  • Keyword search volume


You can start the 5-day free trial at Frase with $1 that you can cancel anytime. Its pricing plans are listed below:

  • Solo: Solo is for individual projects that require up to one article per week. This plan is for $14.99 per month and if you avail of the annual plan so it costs around $12.66 per month.
  • Basic: Basic is for organizations that need a content plan and has specific SEO goals. It costs around $44.99 per month whereas in the annual plan, you only have to pay $38.25 per month.
  • Team: This plan targets customers that need more flexibility and collaboration. You have to pay $114.99 per month to use this plan. If you choose the annual plan, it costs around $97.75 per month.

3. MarketMuse



  • Content planning
  • Content audits
  • Content Brief Generator
  • Competitive content analysis
  • Prioritize the right content
  • Helps with On-page optimizations
  • Generate leads
  • Keyword research


MarketMuse has four pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Standard is $149 per month and $1500 for the annual plan
  • The team plan is $399 per month and $3900 if you take the annual plan
  • Premium is customized and the pricing is decided as per the mutual agreement

4. Content Harmony

Content Harmony


  • Optimize conversions
  • The best in digital analytics
  • Content planning and marketing strategies
  • Marketing strategies as per the accounts
  • Create content briefs
  • Save time and efforts


Mainly, Content Harmony has these three plans:

  • The standard plan is $99 per month
  • The pro plan is $299 per month
  • Enterprise has custom pricing. Although it starts at $1000 per month

If you choose the annual plan, you can get 10% off on the standard and pro plans. This is one of the best surfer SEO alternatives that also have different plan sizes of each plan to fulfil customers’ needs and demands. These plan sizes are listed below:

  • Standard-5 is $50 per month and offers 5 brief credits per month. Annually, it costs $500 per year and offers 60 brief credits per year.
  • Standard- 12 is $99 per month and allows 12 brief credits per month. If you take the annual plan, you can save 10% by paying $1069 per year. This yearly plan will give you 144 brief credits per year.
  • Standard-25 is $199 per month and allows 25 brief credits per month. In the annual plan, you have to pay $2149.20 and you will be allowed up to 300 brief credits per year.
  • Pro-50 is $299 per month which allows 50 brief credits per month. Whereas, in the annual plan, the cost is around $3229.20 and you can use up to 600 brief credits per year.
  • Pro-100 is $599 per month and gives 100 brief credits. You can save 10 % on the yearly plan where you have to pay $6469.20 and you will be given 1200 brief credits per year.
  • Pro-150 costs $799 per month and allows 150 brief credits per month. The yearly plan costs $8629.20 and allows 1800 brief credits per year.
  • Enterprise-200+ is for $1000 per month and allows 200 brief credits. Annually, you have to pay $10800 and you will be allowed 2400 brief credits per year.

5. Clearscope



  • Optimize conversion rate
  • Content management
  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword research tools
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Performance metrics
  • SEO optimization


Clearscope has the following three pricing plans:

  • Essential is $170 per month and includes all the common features that you need to start with. This includes one-user seat, content reports, content inventory reports, WordPress integrations, and support for 5 languages.
  • The business plan has custom pricing and offers additional features such as five-user seats along with custom content reports and content inventory pages. This plan also offers SSO and customized account set-up.
  • The enterprise plan also has custom pricing and all features of the business plan. It specifically includes unlimited monitored domains, custom data pipelines, crawler whitelisting, and custom geo-targeting.

6. Topic




  • SEO auditing and monitoring
  • SEO content & rankings
  • SEO reporting
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • SERP rank tracking
  • Provide visuals
  • White label
  • Creates content structure & outline


Topic pricing plans are given below:

  • 100 content briefs are for $500 per month
  • 5 content briefs are for $5 per month
  • 12 content briefs are for $100 per month
  • 50 content briefs are for $300 per month
  • 25 content briefs are for $200 per month

7. Semrush Writing Assistant

Semrush Writing Assistant


  • Brand monitoring
  • Creates engaging content
  • Improves readability
  • SEO optimization & strategies
  • Have a variety of SEO content templates
  • Content audit
  • Keyword research
  • Integrated with Google Docs, WordPress, and MS Word
  • It has tools for Amazon business
  • Social media management
  • Link building
  • Website monetization


Semrush Writing Assistance offers 17 % discounts on all of its annual plans. You can try the Pro and Guru plan for free but the business plan is customized.  Its pricing plans are as follows:

  • Pro is for newbies and small teams that cost around $ 119.95 per month. This plan includes many features for SEO, social, and PPC advertising. For the annual plan, it is $99.95 per month.
  • Guru plan targets agencies and mid-sized businesses. You can avail of this plan for $229.95 per month whereas if you choose the annual plan, it will cost around $191.62 per month. This plan includes pro features such as a content marketing Toolkit, historical data, multi-location, device tracking, and many more.
  • Business plan is for large agencies and enterprises. It costs $449.95 per month and for the annual plan, the cost is $374.95 per month.

You can check more about its pricing on its website. This surfer seo alternative gives the option to include additional features in the above-mentioned plans to cater to customer needs and wants.

8. WriterZen



  • SERP Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Localization
  • Content Insights
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data VisualizationCustom ReportsWhite Label


WriterZen has four pricing options and this surfer SEO gives 30% off on annual plans.

  • Lite is designed for individual users who handle single projects. It is priced at $23 per month and $19 per month for the yearly plan.
  • Plus provides users with unlimited AI support and costs around $89 per month. If you take the annual plan, you can avail 30 % discount on this plan which will be up to $79 per month.
  • Pro is for small teams that are working on multiple projects and it is for $219 per month. If you choose the annual plan, you will get a discount and you have to pay $199 per month.
  • Ultra is mainly designed for medium-sized companies. It costs around $399 per month and as per the annual pricing, you have to pay $359 per month.

9. Ahrefs



  • Keyword research
  • SEO optimization
  • Content creation
  • Rank tracker
  • Site audit
  • Customized dashboard and reports
  • Competitive analysis
  • Link building


Ahref has four pricing plans with different features and pricing. You can avail the one that best fits your business needs. Moreover, in the annual plans, Ahrefs offers two months free with a discount. The pricing plans are:

  • Lite is designed for small businesses and is for $99 per month. If you go for the annual plan, you have to pay $83 per month.
  • Standard is for SEO freelancers and marketing consultants and is around $199 per month. As per the annual pricing, you have to pay $166 per month.
  • Advanced is for in-house marketing teams and is for $399 per month. For an annual plan, the price is $333 per month.
  • Enterprise is for large agencies and is for $999 per month.  If you plan for the whole year, you have to pay $833 per month.


It’s 2023 and the world has already shifted to digital platforms. Organizations all across the globe have embraced digital transformations and thereby are adapting to the latest technologies to stay competitive and to meet the evolving needs of potential customers. 

Although Surfer SEO is the most powerful tool, with the changing algorithms and updates, it has become essential to have similar tools as Surfer SEO. Any server can be down for technical or other issues; therefore, it is a good practice to have surfer seo alternatives to overcome any unforeseen service disruptions. This will help you to be consistent with your social media postings and will ensure continuity with your SEO practices.

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