Do you want to take your real estate business in Dubai to the next level? Then, having a robust online presence is something you can’t compromise on.

Search engine optimization is a core player in attracting warm leads to your website to convert them. But, SEO tactics vary for different industries, and real estate is no different.

We are here to help you earn quality leads using SEO strategies proven to work for the real estate industry. Let’s dive in:

7 Tried and Tested SEO Strategies For Real Estate In Dubai

1. Unlock The Power Of Blogging

A proven strategy to generate leads through SEO is to create a blog with optimized blog posts. Your content should have the right density of keywords in the right places (headers, metadata, image alt text, etc.)

Establish a content development and publishing schedule and follow it religiously. Consistent content publishing will help you increase monthly organic traffic.

Ensure your content is categorized in H1, H2, H3, and so on to make your blog posts readable and skimmable. It will help users and search engines to comprehend what you are all about.

Don’t forget to format each piece of content using formatting best practices before it goes live.

2. Make A List Of Keywords and Search Queries

What are the topics you want your content to cover? Jot them down, put them in keyword research tools, and here you go: you have a list of relevant short-tail keywords. These are called pillars and work as the core support for a bigger cluster of long-tail keywords.

Now your content should revolve around these long-tail keywords. Google considers those pages more worthy of ranking higher for a specific query that explores smaller topics related to a general one.

3. Accelerate Your Page’s Loading Speed

Website speed is a deciding factor in establishing an epic user experience, which, in turn, brings your site under the radar of algorithms for satisfying users.

How can you increase your site’s loading speed to rank higher in Google’s search results? Here are a few best practices:

  • Make your site mobile friendly.
  • Utilize a trusted web hosting service.
  • Delete useless plugins and scripts.
  • Optimize images through extensions like TinyPNG.
  • Use an extension like WP-Optimize to remove trash from your database.
  • Use a plug-in such as WP Fastest Cache to optimize your scripts.
  • Remove spam comments and fix broken links.
  • Allow caching using WP Total Cache if you use WordPress and MaxCDN if you don’t.

4. A Rock-Solid Link Building Plan

What do you do when you need to treat a major illness? You go to see an experienced doctor. Why? Because of their expertise and authority in their field. You consider their opinion as something highly credible.

The same goes for your website. When you are new in the online business world, you need approval from the players with a reputation in your niche.

These are websites with high domain authority, and if they link to your content, it can mean endorsement of your business as someone genuine.

Google gives importance to such links called backlinks or inbound links while assigning positions to different pages in the search results for a specific query.

Establish a link-building plan to attract leads from other authoritative sources in your industry. Link-building best practices involves manually pitching to websites for content posting, and link placements.

5. Leverage Local SEO Tactics

Real estate buyers take a lot of time before deciding to convert, and for good reason. It is a super considerable investment, the biggest investment of their lives for many homeowners.

To cater to them, it’s crucial to get your business registered in local online directories for real estate. It will increase your exposure to both the target audience and search engines.

For example, “the most affordable apartments” will not rank nearly as well as “the most affordable apartments in Dubai” for local searches.

Gather local keyword data and optimize your site to catch Google’s eye as a real estate business that serves specific services in a location.

6. Historically Optimize Your Content

Regular updating of your content is as necessary as renovating your home now and then. In the case of your home, you want it to look appealing to guests’ eyes, while in your content’s case, you want it to look fresh and rank-worthy in Google’s eyes.

Revamp your old articles with updated data and any new SEO tips and tricks you have learned, such as optimizing image alt text.

7. Write Attention Grabbing Meta Descriptions

A meta description is a summary shown below a page title in search results to tell users what the inside content is about.

The meta description should clearly and concisely explain what to expect if a searcher is to click on the link. Meta description impacts the (CTR) click-through rates from the search results that can consequently influence the page’s overall ranking. An optimized meta description should stretch from 50 to 300 characters, have relevant keywords, and offer a clear value proposition to the customer.


Dubai’s real estate industry is flourishing, and the competition has made it harder for businesses to make a mark in the digital world. Search engine optimization, if done right, is a surefire way to present your website in front of your target audience to earn leads. We hope the above SEO strategies will aid you in igniting your property business in Dubai.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

i. What are the benefits of SEO for real estate?
Ans. SEO benefits for real estate include more organic traffic, increased online visibility, a boost in high-quality lead generation, and more.

ii. Can local SEO help my business in the real estate industry?
Ans. Yes, local SEO can work wonders for real estate businesses, especially those operating in a particular location. You can create a GMB (Google My Business) listing to attract local customers, rank higher in local search results, and get warm leads.

iii. How can content marketing help a website rank higher in SERPs?
Ans. Content marketing helps in SEO by earning more backlinks, traffic, and social shares through valuable, relevant, and optimized content, eventually resulting in improved leads, organic traffic, and conversions.

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