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Many people learn SEO the hard way — by launching their website and blundering through the vast world of SEO. However, you don’t need to shoot in the dark by experimenting with various tactics. It’s also a matter of your choice of learning approach.

Some people learn through practising, while some like to consume content on different strategies, tips and tricks developed and proven by others. If you are someone who learns the latter way, you need SEO education for free. This blog discusses free online SEO courses to help you learn at your pace before you step foot in the realm of SEO.

So, let’s begin:

Seven Free Online SEO Courses: Start Your Rapid Learning Today!

1. Reliable Soft — Free SEO Course 

It is the best course to learn the fundamentals of SEO. It teaches you how to perform SEO for your new site from the get-go or optimize your current one for search engines.


  • Easy-to-follow lessons
  • Easy language for people who aren’t into tech
  • Best course for newbies
  • Establishes the base for learning more complex ideas of SEO


  • It begins by describing how optimising a website for search engines may impact the decision of search algorithms
  • Explains the three core SEO processes — on-page, off-page and technical SEO
  • Offers a downloadable SEO checklist which thoroughly describes all aspects you need to conduct to optimise your website for search engines
  • Includes over 400 pages in PDF format and 13 lessons
  • Contains video tutorials and over 200 annotated screenshots that surpass rudimentary SEO settings and encompass link building, SEO writing, mobile SEO, advanced SEO practices, website security and website speed

2. Yoast — Free SEO Training: SEO for Beginners

Are you searching for an SEO crash course to start learning SEO from scratch? Then look nowhere else. This free SEO training is designed for people who know nothing about search engine optimization. 


  • Provides no-cost SEO learning for people who want to make a career in SEO
  • Offers general insights on how all SEO elements work together 
  • Help you increase your pages’s organic visibility on Bing, Yahoo and Google
  • Explain the technical side of SEO in layman’s language as much as possible, avoiding using jargon
  • Packed with quick wins to help you earn top spots for your web pages on Google


  • Begins by elaborating on the SEO basics, such as how search engines function
  • It contains three core parts — introduction, technical SEO and content SEO
  • Includes tips on how to allow the Yoast SEO extension to perform the necessary technical work for a website
  • Convenient access through Yoast SEO Academy and MyYoast

3. Udemy — SEO Training Course by Moz

This SEO training course is among the most commonly taken courses on Udemy, with 290k students having enrolled to date. It also boasts an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. The Moz Team developed the course that one of the MOZ founders, Rand Fiskin, teaches.


  • Rank Fishkin is an awesome trainer and explains things based on his vast experience in the SEO field
  • The way of teaching is amusing and pleasant
  • Involves tips and tricks to conduct SEO
  • Comes with a month’s money-back guarantee, which increases buyers’ trust in the course


  • It consists of videos, and the duration is 3.5 hours
  • Offers certificate of completion
  • People can ask queries to presenter
  • They can directly text the instructor
  • The course contains 18 lectures, divided into 7 sections
  • The course contains — SEO strategy development, keyword research basics, site audits and structure, on-page SEO fundamentals, SERP features (featured snippets), link building and off-page SEO and reporting on SEO

4. ClickMinded — Free SEO Course

Instructed by SEO expert Tommy Griffith, ClickMinded is one of the best SEO courses without cost. Griffith handled SEO for giants such as Airbnb and PayPal before launching ClickMinded. 


  • The instructor elucidates the SEO approach used at Airbnb and Paypal
  • Offers general suggestions on how to manage the entire SEO process
  • Provides a plethora of resources that can help you better optimize your website for search engines after you enrol in the training
  • Offers lifetime access to five of their SEO mini-courses
  • Give a certificate once you complete the class and pass the final test


  • It’s a free SEO mini-course
  • Let you check out the tools Tommy utilizes to develop the best environment setup to make search engine optimization, convenient for you
  • Teaches you how to tactically employ SEO to improve your complete sales funnel
  • Includes knowledge of the fundamental principles of SEO
  • Describes the idea of “query refinement” and how it is among the most significant and underrated elements of SEO
  • Discusses how to develop content that gains more visibility in organic searches

5. Hubspot — SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business Growth

Hubspot offers free online SEO training that includes four lessons. It’s an advanced-level course, which means you should have some SEO knowledge to understand the various ideas described in the course. 


  • You only need to sign up with Google, Mircosoft or create your account to access the course for free
  • It helps content creators, marketers and people wanting to hone their SEO prowess
  • Teaches how to assess and boost a website’s SEO
  • Outlines the process of developing backlinks to your site at scale to improve your site’s rankings on the SERPs
  • Demonstrates how to implement data from keyword research and reporting to augment your search performance 


  • It describes how to create an SEO plan
  • It explains the scaling of link-building campaigns and how the HubSpot team optimizes their blogging website for search engines
  • It decodes the development and execution of a guest blogging campaign
  • It contains an explanation of how Hubspot utilizes blogs and SEO to boost its organic traffic by Matthew Howells-Barby
  • Matthew elaborates on the significance of developing topical relevance and offers examples of how this happens
  • The course contains 6 lessons, 5 quizzes, 26 videos and 3:51 hours

6. SEMRUSH — On-Page and Technical SEO Course

It is one of the free SEO tutorials that delineates how to do on-page and technical SEO, as these are the two processes a website owner can completely control. In contrast with off-page SEO, which involves website promotion tactics, technical and on-page SEO can be enhanced by sticking to some straightforward SEO principles.


  • Free and easy registration 
  • Helps website owners boost and maintain their site’s health 
  • Users get an opportunity to learn using SEMRUSH, one of the incredible SEO tools available, as a bonus
  • Enrollers sit an exam after finishing the course and get an SEMRush SEO certificate upon passing it.


  • It has two modules that encompass a variety of topics
  • It teaches you how to perform an SEO audit of a website
  • Elucidates how to resolve HTTPS problems
  • Decodes how to detect and troubleshoot crawlability errors
  • Outlines how to conduct a Log File Analysis
  • Includes suggestions on developing SEO-friendly content and enhancing on-page SEO

7. Coursera — Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization

Coursera offers budget-friendly SEO education and its specialization course is a great example. Being a famous online course platform, it provides multiple digital marketing courses.


  • Taught by experienced SEO experts
  • Allows you to take individual courses or all the courses in the SEO specialization 
  • The average time to finish all lessons and courses is four months, which is quite quick given the length of the training
  • A comprehensive course that begins with very basics and encompasses sophisticated tactics and methods


  • Includes an introduction, and fundamentals of search engine optimization
  • Teaches you ways to optimise a website for search engines
  • Demonstrates high-level social and content strategies for better SEO
  • Offers a week’s free trial upon enrollment in the course

Bottom Line

So, this was our list of free SEO courses available online for quick learning. Getting the basics of SEO right is not difficult. Most of the courses on this blog discuss the universal principles one needs to apply to optimize a website for search engines. Some also touch upon rather complicated topics, while nearly every course contains tips and tricks to help you navigate the SEO landscape easily.

Even if you have no money, you can still start learning search engine optimization to boost your site’s rankings in organic searches. Once you have mastered the basics, you can keep learning by experimenting with different strategies per your niche and business type. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How can you learn search engine optimization for free?

You can learn SEO for free using a plethora of free SEO courses and resources, including:

  • Semrush Academy
  • Codecademy
  • Udemy SEO
  • Coursera SEO
  • Hubspot Academy

Q2. How can you attain a Google SEO certificate for free?

Google does not offer any official certificate for SEO. However, some third-party training institutes offer Google SEO courses, which include:

  • Get Started with Search
  • Get Discovered with Search
  • Make Search Work for You

Q3. Does Shopify offer an SEO course?

Yes. Shopify has SEO Training for freshers to help e-commerce businesses optimize their return on investment and impact.

Q4. How much time do I need to spend to learn SEO?

There are a multitude of immediate learning resources out there to learn SEO fast. If you can give a few hours daily, you may gain command over the fundamentals of SEO in 4 to 8 weeks.

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