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Some big changes happened in 2023 that will affect every SEO trend in 2024. SEO, which stands for making websites show up in search results, is going more towards focusing on what people want and using advanced technology. And SEO keeps changing. Just when you think you know everything, Google comes out with a new way of ranking websites, or a new trick for getting more people to see your site pops up. 

In 2024, artificial intelligence is supposed to play a bigger role in SEO and creating content. There will also be a stronger focus on having content written by experts, and Google will keep making improvements, like the Search Generative Experience (SGE). Knowing about these changes can help your website rank higher and connect with more potential customers. 

This article  talks about the six most important SEO trends in 2024, along with strategies to adjust to the fast-changing digital world.

Creating AI Content with a Human Touch

AI can help and hurt content creation. It depends on how you use it. AI makes content from what’s already there. But the problem is it fills the internet with too much similar stuff as Angie Nikoleychuk from Search Engine Journal says. He states that AI is causing a problem online by making a lot of dull and not-so-useful content. 

But the thing is that Google aims to provide users with quality content, whether it’s created by humans or AI. AI can still get a good position on Google’s search results if it’s relevant and valuable to people. Google values authoritative content that shows expertise, experience, and trustworthiness. You want to give people what they want. People want answers, to learn, or have fun. You need to consider what people like and where they go. AI isn’t great at this. 

That’s why you need to share your own experiences and insights to make your content more trustworthy and powerful. AI can help with tasks like making outlines, summarizing, editing, and outlining, and analyzing data. It can’t fully replace the need for providing information that meets people’s expectations. So humans should still bring in their creativity and unique thoughts.

Competing With Google’s SGE

Another SEO trend in 2024 is how Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) uses AI to answer difficult questions by summarizing web information. If you ask Google about easy recipes for dinner with limited ingredients, SGE gives a quick answer and suggests more articles for details. Businesses are putting a lot of money into this kind of technology. The market for this tech is worth almost 100 billion dollars, and it’s expected to be around two trillion dollars by 2030.

This change in Google’s style means it’s becoming more friendly and understands what you want better. It’s like having a chat with your search engine. Not a chatbot, but a clever upgrade that quickly delivers the info you want. So, whether it’s stargazing spots or “How to bake the perfect cookie,” SGE talks to you like a person. That’s why Lauren Fox warns Google’s changes could make it harder for regular websites to get attention.

But the thing is AI-generated results may change user behavior, people might still choose to click on traditional results. It’s too early to say how much users will rely on the new AI-generated results. You just want to keep testing and adapt to SGE. Make good content, get strong links, and give value to your audience. Make sure your content directly answers what people are looking for. Focus on specific topics to increase your success chances.  

Working on Easy and Fun UX

When Google ranks websites, they really care about how users act on a site. In today’s online world, it’s super important for SEO that your website is easy and fun for people to use. This includes making the site faster, reducing annoying popups, organizing content for easy navigation, and ensuring that buttons or money-making parts make sense in the context. Also, linking to content that truly helps the reader is key for a good user experience.

In 2021, Core Web Vitals became crucial for evaluating website UX. Core Web Vitals are crucial for Google to evaluate how good a webpage is.  These are three specific metrics – Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). In March 2024, FID got replaced by Interaction to Next Paint (INP). INP, which replaces FID, is a more advanced way to measure user interaction, considering all clicks, taps, and keyboard inputs, unlike FID that only looks at the first interaction.

Make sure your website works well on phones because most people use phones to go online. And to cater all of this, you want to combine old-school SEO with the new focus on making users happy. This way, people will enjoy your site, stay longer, and improve its visibility in Google’s search results.

Optimizing for Voice and Visual Search

Voice and visual searches are getting better. Voice search, like Siri and Alexa, has improved a lot. People use it for checking facts, asking about local businesses, and getting help without using their hands, like finding recipes or getting directions while driving. Visual search, like using Google Lens, it’s great for shopping, finding directions, recognizing landmarks, checking local business reviews, translations, recipes, and nutrition info. 

To be more visible in voice search, businesses need to change how they advertise online for voice search. Six important steps include picking good words, making simple Q&A pages, showing local info, making websites work on phones, adapting for different devices, and writing helpful stuff. To be more visible in visual search, make sure your website works well on mobile. Most Google Lens results come from mobile-friendly sites. Also, use good practices for images, like giving them good names and descriptions. 

And when it comes to voice search, a study found that the things that make content rank high in voice search are mostly the same as regular Google search. So to do well in voice search, focus on regular Google search. If you rank high there, you’ll likely do well in voice search too.

Tailoring Content for Snippets

Sometimes, when you search for something on Google, a website provides such a perfect answer to your question that Google shows it right there in the search results without you having to click on the website. This is called a snippet preview.

Snippets are like finding info in local packs, quick answers in search results, or getting details about public figures from knowledge panels. Google’s special features, like knowledge panels and local packs, give instant answers, often making it unnecessary for users to click on a result.

It’s a smart way to get more visitors to your website without spending money on ads. You want to figure out what questions people often ask and use those words on your website. Answer more than one question when you write. Use clear titles and put up pictures that make sense. Also, make a page with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). When you answer, keep it short, and don’t use too many special words.

Getting Relevant Backlinks

Some old ways of getting links, like trying to get lots of backlinks or focusing too much on using specific keywords, might not work as well anymore. Instead, it’s more about making sure your content is really good and stands out. In 2018, Google made a SpamBrain tool to catch these tricks better. By 2020, it said it blocked 75% of junk from search results. By December 2022, Google hoped to stop 99% of it.

If you have a food or cooking website, a link from a famous chef’s blog is better than many links from unknown websites. Google uses complicated math and fancy technology to study these links closely. This helps Google tell real links from ones that are trying to cheat the system. If it catches someone cheating, Google can punish both the site that put the link and the one getting it. So, having lots of links isn’t the main goal anymore. Now, it’s about getting good, relevant links.

You can create special pages on your website that people will want to link to. These pages might have new information, studies, tools, or helpful resources. People will naturally link to them because they’re useful. It’s also a good idea to have different websites that cover different parts of what you do. But only share links that really help your readers. This makes sure your link-building efforts are honest.


SEO trends in 2024 will focus on three things: really helpful content, using visual elements, and having experts create the content. We need to keep up with new ways to make websites show up on Google. Artificial intelligence is becoming more important, and Google is making things like SGE to help us find what we want faster. It’s also important to make websites easy to use and adapt to how people search, like with voice and visual search. Best SEO Dubai keeps up with all these changes. So, if you want your website to do well on Google, send us a message now. Don’t miss out on these important trends!

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